About Us

Kinship Canada's Mission

Our goal is to do charity right - we send all proceeds directly to those who need it, Kinship covers any admin or processing fees.

Our Principles

Helping everyone worldwide

We believe that anyone in poverty around the world is deserving of our help, not just the people of one region. Kinship operates globally with partners in India, Africa, the Middle East, and Canada.

No admin fees

We believe that your entire donation should go to those who you committed to - not towards paying our processing fees or hotels. Any expenses incurred in getting your money there - we cover.

Seamless process

We want to make donating as easy as possible, from preparing tax receipt refund packages to providing an easy dashboard to download proof of donation.


What makes us different

Kinship prides itself on a few things that we do differently to help make as much impact as possible. We believe that every penny of your donation should go to the people you donated to - as such:

  1. We cover any and all costs involved in getting your donation to those who need it, out of pocket.
  2. Unless you opt to cover it, we will pay for credit card processing fees, exchange fees, wire fees, and everything in between.
  3. None of your donations goes towards our flights, hotels, or meals.

We also believe that giving charity should be a pleasant and easy experience. We are proud to offer a dashboard from which you can download your tax receipts, receive proof of donation, and more.

If you disclose your charities, that is well, but if you hide them and give them to the poor, that is better for you, and it will atone for some of your misdeeds, and Allah is well aware of what you do.

The Holy Qur'an


Seamless donations

A Charity Designed With You In Mind

We believe giving charity should be an easy and pleasant experience. We work toward this, providing tax receipt packages, guides, and more.

Download Tax Receipts

Download CRA-Eligible tax receipts in our dashboard.

Proof Of Donation

Kinship aims to provide proof of your donations where possible, including through pictures and receipts.

Recurring Donations

With Kinship, you can make recurring donations and manage them from your dashboard.

Email Notifications

Get tax receipts, proof of donation, and more. Customize what you are notified for on your dashboard.

All Proceeds Go To Those Who Need It

Kinship covers all processing, exchange, and wire fees unless you opt to cover it. We also pay volunteer expenses out of pocket.

Email Support

Need help? We're here for you. Send a ticket on our support page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.